What Is Debt consolidation? debt consolidation is the combination of several unsecured debts-payday loans, credit cards, medical bills-into one monthly bill with the illusion of a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment and simplified debt relief plan. But here’s the deal: debt consolidation promises one thing but delivers another.

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Home Equity Loan to Consolidate Debt It can be difficult to get ahead when you’re trying to pay off high-interest debt on credit cards, auto loans, and other consumer debt. If you’re a property owner though, you’re in a unique position to borrow against the equity you’ve built up in your home and manage that debt.

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Debt consolidation can help you rebuild damaged credit or simply help you organize your payments for credit you have under control. Understanding how to consolidate your debt is a key to achieving your financial goals. Some methods are better than others, however.

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HELOC or Home Equity Loans for Debt Consolidation. Though HELOCs and home equity loans use the value of your home as collateral, they operate differently. helocs are credit lines, meaning you use as much of a pre-approved loan amount as you want, when you want.

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With the home equity line it is going to have a set end period and this will make it easier for people to get the end date in place. This way people will finally be able to get out of debt in a set time frame. Typically people will find the home equity lines will require them to be paid off within five to fifteen years.

 · If you’re a homeowner and have accumulated equity in the property, you can take out a loan or a line of credit and use it to pay off your credit card debt. A home equity loan allows you to borrow a lump sum with a fixed interest rate, and a home equity line of credit (HELOC) – where you draw against the equity whenever you need it – has a variable interest rate, so the rate can increase over.

However, where a credit card is unsecured debt, a HELOC is secured debt — your home becomes the valued asset and is directly affected by your ability to make the necessary payments on the HELOC. When using a HELOC for debt consolidation, you use your line of credit to payoff any outstanding debts you have.

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